Small but Mighty! The Great Influence of USBs


Did you know USB drives are the most influential promotional product in terms of swaying opinions? While younger male consumers (ages 18-44) are most likely to own a logoed USB drive, the value of this powerful promo doesn’t end there. 45% of U.S. consumers own promotional USB drives and 91% of people keep them because they’re useful. [1]

With Universal Source™ brand USB drives, the possibilities are endless. Our USBs can be sold blank or pre-loaded, making them a great giveaway for colleges, human resource departments, sports teams, corporate gifts and more. If your client has information they want to distribute via a useful promotional product, Universal Source™ brand USBs are the perfect solution.

 Why choose Forward Promotions for promotional USBs?

  • Free Set-Up
  • Free Shipping to North America
  • Free White Gift Box
  • Free Lanyards on Select Items
  • Free Data Upload (up to 100MB)
  • Low MOQ
  • Large Selection of Styles


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