Score Big Selling to Tailgaters

Once upon a time tailgating was simply a six-pack and some hot dogs in the stadium parking lot. Fast forward to today and tailgating is its own event – and people are willing to spend big to make their tailgating time memorable. In fact, up to $12 billion is spent on tailgating activities in the U.S. every year. [1] Here’s our take on how promo fits into this lucrative market and how you can score big selling to tailgaters.

Tailgate-Worthy Tech

No one knows exactly when the first tailgating party happened, but according to the American Tailgaters Association, the first occurrence in the US was in mid-summer of 1861 – a full eight years before the first football game. (2) Tailgating has certainly evolved since those early days. Tech accessories that enhance the party with music, keep devices powered-up, or help take that perfect selfie are in-demand and now considered essential tailgating gear.

32145_usb_bpmyCharge® RazorXtra Power Bank – With fast charging technology to significantly shorten charging time, this power bank helps keep devices charged for the full event. Two USB ports deliver 2.4A shared output and can even charge two devices simultaneously.

31952_white_styled_fcMobigrip® Cellular Leash – Keep you phone secure while playing cornhole or taking tailgate selfies with this phone “safety belt.” Stick directly to the back of your phone and wrap the bungee around your finger to help stop your phone from slipping out of your hands.

32164_black_bpBluetooth® Key Finder and Selfie Remote – Speaking of selfies, this handy remote helps snap pictures while also helping find any keys that may have gotten misplaced at the party. Includes a tracker with pad print or britePix® imprint, instructions and charging cable.

32202_red_angled_fcXoopar® Bluetooth® Sound Block Speaker – This speaker is the same size as an average cell phone to take up minimal space but deliver quality sound. Bluetooth® 4.0 connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away and provides up to 4 full hours of play time.

Chill Out

It just isn’t a tailgate without KOOZIE® koolers! Can/bottle koolers and bag koolers are essential for any tailgate or “homegate” to keep food and beverages on-point leading up until the main event. The KOOZIE® brand offers a wide variety of insulated materials in on-trend colors to match a team or corporate branding. With two out of every five tailgaters attending 6 to10 tailgate events per year, KOOZIE® brand products will have you covered all season. (3)

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