Why it Pays to Engage with the Tech Industry

  Being successful in any industry today relies on understanding and embracing the latest trends in technology. As businesses rapidly integrate new tech there is a growing need for companies who research, develop, distribute and service technologically based goods and services. [1] Global technology spending is projected to top $4.8 trillion in 2018 with the U.S.... Continue Reading →

Selling to the Smart Phone Age – The Latest Technology Trends

It’s safe to say we are currently living in the height of the smartphone age. With over ¾ of Americans now owning a smartphone[1] they have become a significant part of our lives, to say the least. In fact, Americans now spend on average over 4 hours a day looking at their phones[2]. While millennials certainly... Continue Reading →

Funding your 2018 Growth Through the Finance Industry

Let’s be honest, few industries embrace self-promotion quite like those in financial services. Banks, insurance companies and other consumer financial organizations can make use of almost any promotional product to reinforce their brands. With all the competition out there, is it worth spending time and resources going after these promo power players? Absolutely! According to... Continue Reading →

The Hottest Trends to Drive Success

With the start of a new year, it’s time to take a look at what is fresh and exciting in the promotional products industry. Paying attention to current trends keeps your business at the forefront of clients’ needs and can help you gain a competitive advantage. We has been inspired to compile our list of... Continue Reading →

Is Your Privacy At Risk?

Hacking, identity theft, credit card fraud - these are just some of the risks that we're exposed to in the digital age. Here are some products designed to minimize privacy threats - and align brands with a message of  safety. Hacking, identity theft, credit card fraud - these are just some of the risks that... Continue Reading →

Buy One. Plant One.™ and #WoodchuckTheWorld

Woodchuck USA is a custom wood products brand that is constantly asking “How do we put nature back in people’s lives?” Since 2012 this premium brand has focused on more than just trendy wood accessories by creating jobs in America (products are manufactured in Minnesota) and through global reforestation efforts. The Woodchuck USA Buy One. Plant One.™ Program... Continue Reading →

Boost Sales with These Hot Trends

Trends are a powerful thing for providing insight into what’s popular right now as well as what’s next in the promo industry. Understanding product trends can help you develop better business ideas and solutions for your clients. Here are the trends heating up the promo industry as we head into the summer months. Marble Marble... Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality is Here. Are You Ready?

At the enormous 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in January, virtual reality was the hottest topic by far. Virtual reality technology, which immerses the user in a computer-generated simulation and projects highly visual imagery in full 3D, is clearly the next big technology wave. It’s important to remember that virtual reality, like all major technology trends, will likely impact... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Spa Creates A Relaxing Oasis With Virtual Reality

The future is now for virtual reality, which uses special headsets that allow you to experience a whole new environment. Here's the story of how a spa uses branded VR headsets to create a peaceful environment: Challenge: A spa situated in a bustling part of the city wanted to create a more relaxing ambience. Solution: The spa gave... Continue Reading →

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