Tech Delivers The Wow At Tradeshows

Source: PCNA IdeaHUB

To make an impact as a conference exhibitor, you need to find new ways to engage, surprise and add value. Promotional products, specifically technology pieces, can play a crucial role in making this happen.

Tech Delivers The Wow At Tradeshows

Every industry, no matter how specific or obscure, usually has some type of gathering, conference or trade show. Each year in the United States there are an estimated 1.8 million of these events (PwC Report, 2016). Our love of getting together with industry colleagues has never been stronger. Fortunately for marketers, this still-increasing popularity translates into big opportunities for reaching potential customers.

First, we need to acknowledge that old school tradeshow marketing – the kind where you stand at a booth handing out pens and brochures – is long gone. To make an impact and, more importantly, realize an ROI through exhibiting at a conference, you need to find new ways to engage, surprise and add value. Promotional products, specifically technology pieces, can play a crucial role in making this happen. Here’s how:

1. Tech giveaways at your booth get noticed and don’t have to break your budget.

The age old practice of booth giveaways is still effective for increasing booth traffic and driving brand awareness. You just have to be smarter about it in this day and age.

Tech giveaways are particularly good because they can both functional and fun – people love gadgets. Another plus, they come in a wide variety of price points – from inexpensive earbuds for all your booth visitors, to a set of Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds for a special customer.

Just remember to select giveaways that support your brand. For example, if security is a big part of your message, opt for a tech accessory that promotes safety like an RFID wallet or a camera blocker.

download-(5).jpgSpin-It Widget Bluetooth Speaker

2. Tech products can disrupt the status quo and grab attention (in a polite way, of course).

It’s hard for an exhibitor to stand out at a conference, especially at large events like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You need something special to get noticed. This where you can use human beings’ natural fascination with technology to create a memorable experience.

Trending technology products, like virtual reality headsets and drones, are great attention getters. With VR, you can create product demo or virtual tour experiences and visitors to your booth can put on a branded headset and, for example, take a virtual tour of a hospital. You can also go airborne and fly a mini drone in your exhibit. This approach is more about drawing attention to your space, rather than encourage interaction.Just remember to read event rules and regulations before launching the drone.

Drones and VR headsets also make great giveaways for booth contests and raffles – both of which are still really effective ways to create interest and drive booth traffic.

download-(1).jpg Mini Drone w/ Camera

3. Tech items make life on the road a little easier for your team and your customers.

Business travel can be rough. Outfitting your conference staff with a few choice technology products can make life away from home a little more convenient. Plus, putting your logo on the products delivers brand impressions as they travel though airports and hotels. Consider putting together a branded “tech survival kit”for your conference team, complete with:

download-(3).jpgJolt Premium Power Kit

The Bottom Line

Conferences provide ample opportunities for showcasing your brand. The right tech products deliver the wow needed to avoid getting lost in the crowd. Check out the Tradeshow Idea Guide and get inspired for your next event.

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