The Gift Of Better Business Travel

Source:  IdeaHub

Presenting five gift ideas designed to make life on the road (or in the air) a little easier for you and your team.

The Gift Of Better Business Travel

Business travel is a tough. Just ask anyone who’s lived out of a suitcase, stood in line for hours at a busy airport or eaten dinner alone after a day of never-ending client meetings.

If the recipients on your gift list spend a lot of time traveling, we’ve got some can’t-miss ideas that will make life on the road a little easier.

These are practical, stylish gifts that they’ll be happy to receive.

1. Wireless earbuds keep you tangle-free in busy airports and on long flights. Wireless headphones, already gaining in popularity, quickly became the go-to choice when Apple released the iPhone 7 without a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. If the biggest tech company in the world thinks that the future is wireless, we’re paying attention.


Micro True Wireless Earbuds and Powercase (7199-99)

2. Packable jackets are a must when traveling between climates. Space and comfort are at a premium when you’re on the road. A jacket that stows away in a built-in stuff sack, is essential when you’re, say, flying from Pittsburgh to Miami for mid-winter sales meetings.

download-(4).jpg download-(5).jpg

Silverton Packable Insulated Jacket (TM19652/TM99562)

3. RFID-blocking wallets and pockets protect your sensitive personal information. These items are typically made from a material that interferes with radio waves, making a credit card’s RFID chip difficult to read by someone trying to “skim” sensitive information from the card or passport.


Modena Slim RFID Passport Wallet (0881-03)

4. Stay versatile with Ultra Comfort Knits in washable wool blends. There’s only so much you can pack when you’re living out of a suitcase. Whether you’re going business, casual or somewhere in between, these are pieces you can pair with a polo and dress pants for work during the day, or throw them over a T-shirt and wear them with your favorite jeans at night.


Equinox Knit Blazer (TM98163)Stratton Knit Quarter Zip (TM18612), Bromley Knit V-Neck (TM18614/TM98614)

5. Space-saving compression bags and packing cubes help you travel light and stay organized. Packing efficiently means you won’t have to leave any essentials at home.

download-(8).jpg download-(9).jpg download-(14).jpg

Compression Stuffer Sack Set (2100-22)BRIGHTtravels Packing Cubes (7007-03)

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the goal is to choose a gift that people are going to notice – something that establishes or reinforces a brand and is useful for the recipient.

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