Branding Basics: The Coolest Hoody At The Ice Rink

Source: PCNA IdeaHUB Branding Basics: The Coolest Hoody At The Ice Rink The team needed a hoody with a classic collegiate look – something they’d love wearing even away from the rink. See how we arrived at the perfect garment and branding solution. Customer Request: An elite junior hockey club wanted a stylish hoody with... Continue Reading →

Get Promo Ready for Game Day

Source:  BicGraphic Blog Football is America’s most popular sport – and by a long shot. In a recent Gallup poll, the popularity gap between football and second-place basketball was 26 percentage points. (1) Players and fans can be extremely passionate about their team, which presents a big opportunity for sales of gridiron-related promotional products. Here... Continue Reading →

The Secrets To Creating A Garment As Unique As Your Brand

Source PCNA IdeaHUB Branded apparel is a serious investment and has the potential to deliver branding impact in ways that other marketing method as can't touch. Combining a garment and branding method that work together results in a product that's as unique as your brand. If you're making the decision to invest in branded apparel,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Need A Little Wow

Step away from business as usual and make a big impression with these unique products. Are you stuck in a giveaway rut? Maybe it's time to shake things up and add some new products to your strategy. If you're looking for a fresh approach, here are some new products that are budget-friendly, memorable and just plain fun. It's time... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Brand ID?

Source: PCNA IdeaHub You've got thousands of gift options, but it all comes back to creating a gift that reinforces you brand identity. Question: When you're selecting gifts - whether it's for clients, vendors or employees - do you approach it as a task to check off your list or a strategic marketing decision that... Continue Reading →

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