Tailgating’s More Fun With A Custom Sportula®

A guaranteed winner with grill masters and pre-game partiers.

Tailgating's More Fun With A Custom Sportula®

As we head into summer, we’re talking about two popular pastimes (ok, obsessions): grilling and tailgating. Just look at these incredible numbers:

75% of adults own a grill or a smoker (Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association Poll).

$20 billion is spent annually on tailgating food and supplies (National Tailgating Association).

Clearly, these are much more than casual activities for many people. Which is why we’re excited to introduce you to Sportula. It’s a guaranteed winner with all grill masters and pre-game partiers.

Here’s why you need to consider custom Sportulas for events like company picnics, food festivals, and alumni tailgate parties.

1. Two high-impact decoration locations.

Your logo is laser cut through the heavy-duty stainless steel blade and you can add a personalized graphic to the brass-riveted, hard maple handle.

2. Low minimums.

Smaller event? No problem. The minimum order is only 48 pieces.

3. Great turnaround time for a custom piece.

The turn time is less than a month for minimum quantity orders.

Written by PCNA IdeaHUB


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