Funding your 2018 Growth Through the Finance Industry


Let’s be honest, few industries embrace self-promotion quite like those in financial services. Banks, insurance companies and other consumer financial organizations can make use of almost any promotional product to reinforce their brands. With all the competition out there, is it worth spending time and resources going after these promo power players?

Absolutely! According to SelectUSA, the financial sector in the U.S. is the largest and most liquid in the world.

  • At least 130 of Fortune’s Global 500 companies have headquarters in the U.S. to take advantage of its creative, competitive, and comprehensive financial services sector
  • Finance and insurance represents 7.3% or 1.4 trillion of U.S. gross domestic product
  • The U.S. banking system has over $16.8 trillion in assets. [1]

Financial businesses will continue to build self-promotion dollars into their marketing budgets. Targeting these companies and earning their business could mean repeat orders for years to come.

To help you get started, BIC Graphic has identified top sellers in the Finance vertical market to guide your efforts.


Stationery products are tried and true in the Finance vertical for good reason. With a long product lifespan and the prominence of being displayed both at the home and the office they offer the best bang for your buck.


Source BIC Graphic Blog

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