The Secret To Happy Employees

Research shows that recognition is the biggest driver of great work across all generations of U.S. workers. Here’s a way to make your employees feel special from the moment they step through the door.

The Secret To Happy Employees

Employee Appreciation Day. It’s a day worth celebrating since research shows that recognition is the greatest cause of above average performance across all generations of U.S. workers. These results from a study conducted by employment specialist O.C. Tanner highlight the importance of recognizing employees:

So why wait to recognize employees? Welcoming new hires with a collection of branded products makes them feel like a valued member of the team from day one. When selecting items, consider a mix of products ranging from the practical (think sports bottles and journals) to things that are just plain fun (bluetooth speakers and drones).

Welcome packages are also good way to introduce your company culture through the products you choose. A tech startup might be inclined to give out virtual reality headsets, while a more “corporate” employer might stick to tried and true options like polo shirts and travel mugs.

Here are a few new products we’d be excited to see on our desk when we started a new job:

download-(3).jpg Dayton Fleece Hoody

download-(4).jpg Block Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

download-(5).jpg Sperry 20-oz. Tumbler

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Source PCNA IdeaHUB

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