The day I almost died at Olive Garden

I have to say, I’m being slightly melodramatic by saying I almost ‘died’ (but who knows what tomorrow may bring).

Let me go on….

I woke up, a typical Saturday.  A coffee, a banana & a couple hard boiled eggs started my morning.  This weekend was a little different though.  My son, Nick, was still on his honeymoon & I had picked up his dog the day before.

Pike is a great dog, young & friendly.  Unfortunately, our dog, older & little reserved, doesn’t like him very well.  Pike was chasing our dog around the house.  Vinnie, the alarmist, was in a panic.  Growling & showing his teeth (only when he was at my feet) tripping me a few times, spilling his food/water, and nervously peeing on the floor made the day a little frantic.

Let’s just say the energy levels of the two dogs completely drained me.  Thank goodness it was only for a day.  We needed to pick up the newlyweds in the afternoon.

My husband, Jon, went to the airport to pick them up. I headed to Home Depot’s parking lot with their dog & vehicle to help shorten their trip home.

Pike & I had a nice drive.  Just me & him… the calm was welcoming.   We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way & shared an ice cream cone as we waited.

As the kids arrived & went on their way, Jon & I debated whether we would go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden… Olive Garden it was!  We had to wait about 5 minutes for our table… no big deal.  It was a Saturday night.

Of course we honed in on the free samples of wine.  Our waitress brought out some Cabernet & berry sangria.  Being a red wine lover, I ordered the Cabernet & Jon a Bloody Mary.  It didn’t take long for our beverages to arrive.

For dinner, Jon decided to go with the Shrimp Scampi linguine & I went with my favorite, Portabella Mushroom Ravioli (delicious BTW).

We were served our salad & totally enjoying our cocktails. Then I emptied out my wine decanter only to see that a glass shard was at the bottom of the small carafe.  After chatting to the waitress, she said a glass ‘exploded’ in the wait station & thought everything was cleaned up (apparently not!)

Pretty sure I didn’t swallow any, but you never know. Googled the whole ‘swallowing’ glass thing.  The articles assured me that I’d be OK, just be aware that if I had any extreme pain in my abdomen, I probably should go to the emergency room. Hmmm….

They comped my meal & gave me a free glass of wine & dessert. BOO-Ya!

True Story!  I’m still here… haven’t died yet.

If I still have your attention…  What is my point?   I do sell promotional products.  If you’d like to purchase customized wine glasses (or other branded items) check out my website:  Family owned & family employed!

Have a great day & thanks for reading 🙂


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